Key Women

March 31, 2021 / Key Notes

As companies and organizations spent the month celebrating the accomplishments of women around the globe, Key Real Estate Company is proud to highlight the contributions and leadership of the women in our company. Women make up more than half of our workforce and 88% of our on-site managers. These women not only ensure Key excels at leasing, maintaining, and managing our properties, but also lead our teams and drive the day-to-day strategies that allow us to achieve our mission to create spaces that make life more lively.

“It brings me great pleasure knowing that women are the force behind so many of our policies, practices, and procedures,” said Skyy Haynes, property manager at The Heron Downtown and The Commerce Building in Downtown Baton Rouge. “I am proud to work for a company that not only values and supports women of color but embraces and accepts the complexity of our culture.”

As a company that provides happy homes to thousands of residents at 18 communities across the southeast, fair and equitable housing is at the heart of what we do. We are proud to keep that spirit of inclusivity at the center of our hiring practices as well.

“Looking at Key and knowing that so many women have been able to advance in management positions encourages me to keep learning and working for my own advancement within the company,” said Sonia Muñoz who serves as Key’s Area Manager for the Río Grande Valley.

“The support I’ve received within the company gives me more confidence in myself, allowing me to encourage my staff to do all they can to learn and empower themselves.”

Thank you to the women of Key.

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